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My Ukrainians

Destruction doesn't take long; recovery does. 

We connect families in Ukraine with families around the world who want to support them during and after the war. We focus on continuous aid and foster long-term relationships between families we match. Our goal is to give Ukrainian families a loveline, not just a lifeline.   

How this works


A person or a family anywhere in the world can “adopt” a family in Ukraine, for long-term aid, financial and otherwise. We match families based on their needs, budget and interests. Once a pair is matched and we establish the connection, the families build their relationship at a level comfortable for them. We ask for a 3-month initial commitment, after which families can decide if they want to stay in the program. 


My Ukrainians is for people who want to give more than money. We strive to give Ukrainian families a bridge to the outside world and a shoulder to lean on not just during the war, but also through recovery. We hope that the families we match will be there for each other when the news cycle ends. We provide guidance, but we are a true peer-to-peer system. Sponsors give money directly to their matched families.


Our Ukrainian families come from places that have been affected the most. Many are from Kharkiv, home to 1.5 million people that had been under daily attacks for 76 days. Families are identified and referred to our program by local volunteers. Although we want to help everyone, we choose those who may not have other means to meet their needs. The more sponsors join us, the more families we can help, together. 

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Why your support matters

The scale of destruction in northern and eastern Ukraine is devastating. In Kharkiv alone, more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed as of April 29th, two months after the war began. Most of them are multi-family residential buildings; many were homes to hundreds of families each.  

Rebuilding homes and lives will take years and a village. Join our global village today and stay in it to help when your help is needed. 


Kharkiv, Ukraine. April 10, 2022

Sergey Bobok / AFP Via Getty Images

What our families say

My family moved from Kyiv to the US in 1992. Watching my birth country being destroyed, left me feeling powerless. I donated to relief organizations, but it did not feel personal.  With My Ukrainians, I immediately saw the value in sponsoring directly. I have a lot in common with my match -  being nurses, a love for cats and camping - and that connection quickly grew into a genuine friendship. I feel so blessed to have made a wonderful friend.  

Nathalie Karpinsky
Sammamish, WA

I really appreciate having a direct connectipn with a family in Kharkiv. It certainly comes with worries about their welfare, as they are in an area experiencing frequent attacks and loss of communication ability.

I am glad that 100% of my donations go directly to people in great need, with no   administrative overhead. It has been heartwarming to exchange messages and pictures and learn more about each other, despite the horrible circumstances.

Craig Fisher
Kirkland, WA

Supporting a family in Ukraine, both from communication and monetary standpoints, gives me an opportunity to directly contribute, even from a remote location. My empathy increases when I hear first-hand experiences  of war and see the beautiful people and places that are so negatively impacted. Providing this action, although minimal, makes me feel like I can be part of the positive force that  ultimately, will prevail. 

Crystal Morey
Maple Valley, WA


Kharkiv, Ukraine. March  2022

Home of one of our families

"It's scary. Artillery is firing very close to us, and tanks roam the streets like cars. Ilia sent us $200! My children didn't believe that a stranger would care about us, I was the only one who did. God bless you. Thank you!!"

Vita, Kharkiv, Ukraine, March 2022 


Kharkiv, Ukraine. March  2022

Home of one of our families

"There are 20 of us in the basement. Yesterday our building was hit; luckily, everyone is fine. We managed to get out today and bought food for all. You are our guardian angels. We won't get tired of thanking you for helping us survive."

Natalia, Kharkiv, Ukraine, April 2022

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Support a Ukrainian family 

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