Our Mission

The inspiration for this initiative came from hundreds of individual stories, including our own.

Some of us live overseas and have families and friends in Ukraine. We agonize over how to help our loved ones and do what we can to be their trusted bridge with the outside world, a financial lifeline and an everlasting loveline.


Some of us are in Ukraine and have friends and family abroad. We hope that the outside world empathises with what we are going through and can support us in our fight for freedom, independence and peace.  

Some of us don't have anyone in Ukraine but cannot sit still watching homes and livelihoods being destroyed. We hope Ukrainians can lean on us as much as they lean on their own families, now and later. 

Regardless of who we are, we are driven by a common mission. We help Ukrainians, especially those that have been heavily affected, to rebuild their homes and their hopes. We want to become their extended global family. We are committed to being here for them when the news cycle is over, because this is where the real work will begin. 

We built My Ukrainians with three goals in mind: 

  • Give Ukrainian families the support, resources, and financial help they can rely upon, over a period of time. 

  • Enable families outside of Ukraine to support specific people and get to know them.  

  • Make the world an ever-so-slightly better place by helping build lasting friendships across borders.

The team behind the program


Lada Gorlenko, USA

Lada lives in Seattle, and most of her family are in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Lada is a user experience professional and a savvy community builder. At My Ukrainians, she is responsible for bringing in sponsors and scaling the program. 

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Oana Stepan, USA

Oana is a Romanian living in the US. 

She is a Human Resources specialist  and an avid community ambassador.

At My Ukrainians, Oana is charged with matching families and helping our sponsors navigate the program.  

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Tanya Borisko, Ukraine

Tanya lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine. A psychologist by background, she is a life-long volunteer who hasn't skipped a beat during the war. Tanya is My Ukrainians' local coordinator who helps identify, audit and assist our Ukrainian families.