Become a sponsor

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What sponsors need to know

Being a sponsor

Anybody can be a sponsor if they align with our goals and agree to the initial committment of three months of sponsorship. Submit a sponsor form on this page, and we will match you with a Ukrainian family. 


After three months, you will evaluate your committment. If you decide to withdraw from the program, we will delete your record. If your circumstances change, you can withdraw from the program earlier. 


There is no minimum contribution amount; you decide what you can afford. For reference, it takes about $200 a month to feed a family of two in Ukraine now, more in the active war zones.

We do not ask for your payment details or disclose your budget. During registration, we ask for projected contribution for guidance only, to ensure some equity among families we support. Once matched, you help your family directly, at a level comfortable for you.


Since My Ukrainians is a true peer-to-peer network, donations are not tax deductible and are not subject to corporate matches. Similar to  GoFundMe donations, they are considered personal gifts. 


Our volunteer case managers will review your submission and match  you with a family in Ukraine based on your budget, their family size  and circumstances, language abilities, and interests. 

We will introduce you to your matched family and give you further details on how to proceed. Once the introduction is made, you and your matched family connect and take it from there. 

Ukrainian families

Ukrainian families enter the program by referral only. Our volunteers in Ukraine review and vet families referred to us by local education, health and humanitarian organizations. For the biggest impact, we target places that have been affected the most. 

When we introduce you to your matched family, we will give you background on who they are and their current circumstances.